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Q: How is this different from Bitcoin and blockchain?
A: There are no miners, mining, wallets, transaction histories, nor exposed public keys.

Q: What does the ledger contain?
A: The ledger contains only hashed copies of public keys. It contains nothing at all for hackers, quantum devices, competitors, data miners, bots, or trolls to target.

Q: Who hosts the ledger?
A: The ledger is distributed across all of our clients. Each has a vested interest in keeping it running.

Q: Can't your other clients see my corporate information?
A: No. There is no discernable information in the ledger, other than hashed copies of public keys.

Q: How can I trust the ledger if it is not transparent?
A: The validity of changes in ownership are transparent.

Q: Are there transaction fees or monthly fees for keeping the coins on the ledger?
A: No. Once coins are released they are yours.

Q: If a client goes away, what happens to its coins?
A: Once a coin is on the ledger, it cannot be removed, even by us.

Q: If somehow KOIN or the DAA goes away, what happens to the ledger?
A: The ledger is distributed across our clients. It exists even if we don't.

Q: How green is the ledger?
A: Verifying a transaction requires less power than loading a small web page.

Q: How can this work if it is that much more efficient than Bitcoin?
A: Totally different design goals. KOIN is engineered to let you control your brand, and issue your own coins. Bitcoin and others are engineered to resist that kind of control, by anyone.

Q: What does quantum-proof mean?
A: Computing devices based upon quantum physics will soon be able to break public keys. Such a device could easily target the largest Bitcoin (or other) wallet, and empty it in seconds. MIT published a study detailing the threat, HERE.

Q: How do you know the KOIN ledger is quantum-proof?
A: The only publicly visible information in the ledger is the output of one-way (hash) functions. These are widely regarded as robust against quantum attacks.

Q: Where did this ledger algorithm come from?
A: A former NSA employee and the creator of the leading online fraud detction company, Kount Inc.

Q: Why Nevis?
A: We have worked with Nevis directly to help them draft digital asset regulations that specifically allow for the sustainable, responsible issuance of utility tokens.

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