Mint your digital tokens here.

KOIN is the safe, easy, responsible way to issue utility tokens (cryptocoins) to your customers under your own brand name.

Launch your coin in 3 easy steps.

  1. Register your company with us, and choose a name for your coin.

  2. Authorize us to forward your request to the Nevis Digital Asset Authority. The DAA will do a quick background check on you and your company.

  3. Buy blocks of coins/tokens, and distribute them to your customers. Coins are minted in blocks of 10,000. Your first block is $18,500. Issue new blocks at any time for $400 each.

Stay in control of your brand.

Coins you mint belong solely to your company, and its customers. We use a quantum-proof distributed ledger that contains no private information, at all. No one else can mine your coins, fork your coins, track your coins, spy on your customers transactions, or collect transaction fees.

Manage your supply and demand.

The moment you launch them, your tokens will become a microeconomy of their own. To manage demand and price, you will want to make responsible public statements regarding the future supply of your tokens. For example, you may plan to mint a maximum of 10,000 per month, or you may plan to mint a maximum of 10 million tokens total. We can work with you (and the DAA) to set and stick with those guarantees, to help keep your economy thriving.

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